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Santosh Pokhrel

” I don’t care if you are black, white, short, tall, fat, skinny, straight, gay, bisexual or a lesbian. If you respect me I will respect you. “

     Hi there, I’m santosh pokhrel. Permanently I belong to arghakhanchi-Nepal and temporarily I live in kathmandu Nepal. currently I’m pursuing my bachelor degree in computer science from Tribhuvan University.

     Basically I love to write code in different programming language although it is arduous sometimes, I’m also indulge in graphics design, image retouching and basic video editing though I’m not professional editor. I am self-motivated, methodical and passionate about educating the next generation of technology users and innovators and my work.I am a kind of person who notices everything. I love to help people and make their life better through different kind of works.

     Speaking meticulously and wholeheartedly in my spare time, I like to read self-help books, write different kinds of articles, I also like to watch Indian web series and Hollywood movies specially science-fiction movies. Because I’m an introvert,I don’t have many friends.



If you need E-commerce website, personal portfolio, company website, blog website, any kind of static and dynamic website then contact me.

Graphics designing

You can call me for banner design, ad design, thumbnail design, simple ui/ux for website or android appliaction, vector art, basic logo design.

Photo retouching

I'm here to retouch your image, your brand image to enhance color, light, contrast, and make your image eye-catching and captivating

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