कृसिमा क्रान्ति – नेपालको उन्नति

  सुन्दर मनमोहक र पहेलपुर धानका सुनौला बालाहरु,अतिआकर्शक तोरि बारि,बिहानी को घाम को किरण सङगै झुल्ने गहु-जहुका बाला अनि ती घरको छतमा झुन्डिने तितेकरेलि र काक्रा,चिचिन्दो र घिरौला ले भरियको करेसाबारि, हरिया सागपातले भरिपुर्ण खेतहरु र मीठो सुगन्ध छर्ने पुदिना र धनिया अनि गाइबस्तुको दूध महि र मीठो नौनी ले भरिपुर्ण मेरो सानो देश कृषिप्रधान …

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facebook addiction

Internet Addiction

         Internet means network of networks where several computers are connected together and form a network.We use internet for different purposes such as for learning different topics from internet, browsing social media, share knowledge on internet through youtube , own website and many other ways.But now a days child and youth are addicted to internet …

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Artificial Intelligence : Shaping the Digital Future

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) simply means ability of machine to copy human intelligence. AI has become the role model in the evolution of new trend and technologies.AI is a part of Computer Science. AI rapidly transforming the world by completing the difficult task and automate the different systems. AI is a protagonist in the development …

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computer science

Computer Science and It’s Importance In Modern Era

       In this modern era of science and cutting-edge information technology, computer science is the crucial aspect for growth and development. To understand the importance of computer science we need to understand some deep concept related to modern technology.To implement the innovative technological ideas practically and laconicaly we need to use the different methodologies and …

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