facebook addiction

Internet Addiction

         social media addiction Internet means network of networks where several computers are connected together and form a network.We use internet for different purposes such as for learning different topics from internet, browsing social media, share knowledge on internet through youtube , own website and many other ways.But now a days child and youth are addicted to internet unconditionally. Kids use smart phone compulsively for hours and hours which is not good for our physical as well as mental health. As we know after being addicted to something, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of it.some are addicted to social media such as facebook , instagram, twitter, some are addicted to youtube and watched too much videos and consume useless content etc..By the way I’m not any psychological and medical experts but as a computer science student and coder I can say that the addiction of social media and internet is more dangerous than we think.

Excessive use of social media and internet consumes a lot of energy of our body and we need to spend a lot of time social media addictionwhich ultimately leads to the waste of time and energy which we can rather use in productive activity.We can use internet to expand our knowledge and understanding about different domains.we can use internet to consume useful and productive content as well as share our knowledge with the help of different tools and technologies that are available on the internet.But due to the lack of mentor and proper awareness and education today’s children and youths affect their physical, mental and psychological health by consuming nonsense, illogical content. Excessive use of smart phones leads to back pain, eyestrain, irritation, tiredness,difficulty  in communication, waste of productive time.In addition to that youths are addicted to illegal activities such as hacking,personal data exposing

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